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Standard 1 – Promoting Health and Personal Dignity

You can expect that Sterling Meadows staff will promote the health and personal dignity of all living in the community.  The living environment will provide each person with the ability to live comfortably, with respect for the privacy and independence of each individual.

A qualified staff member will complete an assessment with each individual and their family upon application to the facility to assure that physical, mental, and emotional needs can be met for the individual in the Sterling Meadows community.  Residence must be able to meet the basic functional criteria to qualify for Assisted Living in Kentucky.  Individuals who are eligible must be ambulatory, or mobile ambulatory, meaning that they must be able to walk, or provide for their own mobility using an assistive device such as a walker, wheelchair, or motorized chair (KRS 194A.711(1)).  Residents cannot be a danger to themselves or others to qualify for Assisted Living in Kentucky (KRS 194A.711(2)).

Unique to our community is the shared campus with Sterling Health Clinic.  Although this clinic is not affiliated with Sterling Meadows, our residents will have the convenient option to seek medical care at this facility.

Daily social events and activities are available to everyone living at Sterling Meadows.  These may include – but are not limited to – community outings, which may include golfing or visits to the local arts center, gardening, woodworking, cooking or yarn classes, or computer classes.  Community service projects will be available for members to participate in such as mentoring programs for local school children, assistance with the local backpack program and more.  Regular card games, book clubs and numerous other activities will be available to meet with individual lifestyles of the residents.

Sterling Meadows will provide community members with an onsite salon, spa and exercise area.  Additional services for care can be contracted privately by the resident and their family to assure the individual is receiving all health services necessary for their individual stage in life.  These services may include rehabilitation services, home health service or hospice care.  Our goal is to preserve independence and strive to promote as much self-reliance as possible for each person living at Sterling Meadows.